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Introducing PodCreator

We transform your direct marketing content, like newsletters and blog posts, into captivating podcasts. You’ve already created the content, so why not maximize its potential and boost engagement?

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No extra work for you

A fraction of traditional podcast production costs

Use for internal Staff

Expand your audience through audio in different languages

What Sets Us Apart

PodCreator harnesses the power of generative AI to create high-quality, customized podcast shows from your existing written content at a price that puts conventional audio creation to shame. Increase your brand’s reach, boost engagement, and tap into the ever-growing podcast market – all without lifting a finger. With PodCreator, the future of content marketing is just a click away.

Discover the Future of Content Marketing with PodCreator!

Your Benefits

Rapidly growing

Access the rapidly growing podcast market at unbeatable prices by utilizing our latest AI technologies.

On the go

Make your content accessible: Cater to your on-the-go audience by providing your content in a convenient audio format, perfect for listening during commutes, workouts, or daily activities.

Content to audio

Turn your newsletters and blog posts into engaging audio content, attracting more listeners and boosting audience interaction on social media platforms with 58% more engagement.


Private podcasts are perfect for internal communications, employee training, or weekly briefings of your staff. Maintain control over your audience and ensure your valuable content stays confidential.


PodCreator crafts each podcast episode using your company’s unique tone, style, and wording, ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand experience for your audience.

Discover the Power of Podcreator
Hassle-Free Podcast Creation
Turn your written content into audio effortlessly; PodCreator simplifies the podcast production process by converting your newsletters, articles, or blog posts into entertaining podcast episodes. Provide us with your text, and we'll handle the rest.
Social Media Podcast Creation
Boost your engagement with audio snippets; Leverage the power of audio on social media by sharing sound bites from your podcast episodes. Studies show that audio snippets generate 58% more engagement on platforms like Facebook, helping your content go further.
Custom Voice Cloning
Bring your brand to life with a unique voice; Our advanced voice cloning technology enables us to create a distinct, engaging voice that represents your brand and ensures a consistent listening experience for your audience.
Backed by Industry Experts
Trust in the expertise of Snice Creation; PodCreator is brought to you by Snice Creation, a Berlin-based production company with years of experience in B2B and B2C podcast production, ensuring your podcast is in the hands of professionals.
Auto-Publishing to Major Platforms
Expand your reach effortlessly; PodCreator automatically publishes your episodes on major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music, along with a unique cover artwork, amplifying your brand's presence.
Tailored Brand Language
Consistent messaging for your audience;  PodCreator ensures your podcast aligns with your company's unique brand language by analyzing tone, wording, and style. Deliver a consistent and engaging experience that truly resonates with your audience and strengthens brand identity.

Based in Berlin – acting all over the world.

At PodCreator, we’re passionate about the power of audio storytelling. Founded by Snice Creation, a Berlin-based production company with years of experience in the podcasting industry, we are dedicated to helping businesses transform their written content into engaging and accessible audio experiences.


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